• Is it legal to harvest, sell, and/or own Manzanita?
    • Certain Manzanita species are protected by the U.S. Forestry Department and are illegal to harvest or possess. However, the Manzanita species we offer is not under that protection. We obtain permits from the U.S. Forestry to harvest it legally.
  • What is the difference between preserved and dried product?
    • Dried items are left to dry out naturally, and are more delicate than items that are preserved. Dried product is not exposed to any type of treatment. Preserved items are processed with a treatment designed to extend the fresh look of the item. Preserving keeps the colors from fading and helps the product stay supple resulting in less fragility and reduced breakage.
  • What is the difference between Natural and Sandblasted?
    • We offer many varieties of wood in both of these finishes. Natural means that the item is not treated with anything that will alter its natural appearance. Sandblasting an item removes the outer layer of bark off an item to reveal the wood beneath. Depending on the variety of wood the finished item will show the beautiful grain in colors ranging from an antique white to a creamy beige.